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The ‘wonder’ box is finally available!

After weeks of hard work to design, test and improve our idea, we have started a (small) production batch. For this initial run, we have decided to bundle a complete kit that can be used to set up a new CNC machine, convert an old one, or can be used with a laser cutter.

In the ‘wonder’ box you will find:

  • ESP32 CNC BOARD V.1.1
  • I/O Expansion board
  • CNC Pendant V1.0
  • a bag of high-quality connectors
  • DB25 cable for the CNC Pendant

All the boards are assembled and tested, so in order to create your machine you will just need a CNC frame and your favorite stepper drivers (3x).

These are very versatile and reliable boards, suitable for every need. We hope you will appreciate them!

Main goals:

  • GRBL ESP32 board
  • direct connection to high-power servo controllers through various connectors
    compatibility with the various already-existing servo controller boards of amateur CNCs that are still using MACH3 LPT-like ports
  • Embedded direct small stepper drivers like those normally used in 3D printers
  • Generating a square wave signal for the “charge-pump ENABLE” signal used by those driver boards (typically MACH3) that need it
  • Dual-mode spindle support speed control, both via PWM and via an analog signal for those spindles whose speed regulation is done by reference voltage (0-5V or 0-10V)
  • A potentiometer for real-time MASTER override of the cutting feed speed (basic, but essential)
  • A potentiometer for real-time MASTER override of the spindle feed speed (very useful, but not essential)
  • Panic button!
  • Expandability with 14 I/O digital lines and access to the I2C bus
  • Maximum versatility for supplying power: you can use 12Vcc for the motherboard, 12-40V max for the stepper motors and 12-48V max for the spindle working in PWM
  • Improved Barton Dring software
  • Wiring diagrams and documentation that can be accessible to other people who want to make new software/hardware variations on the board.