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This project was born during the 2018 Christmas holidays. Without the pressure of work commitments, I could take my time to surf the net without rush and came across an open source project which I immediately found very interesting: a CNC controller derived from the famous GRBL project and ported onto an ESP32 platform.

That’s why I decided to develop another small board which could easily be used by my friends. Having the most varied types of self-built CNCs, they always went crazy when using and connecting the various Arduino-based boards using the GRBL firmware, and this could be the end of their problems.

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The testing phase is complete! The cards have been updated to version 1.1!

Lorenzo Bolla – In my job, I usually deal with electronic and mechanical designs (mostly FPGA and RF circuits), and this allows me to work both with electronic CADs and professional CNCs. Furthermore, over the past few years I built several CNCs (laser-plasma-mill-lathe) with my friends as a hobby, ranging from simple amateur items to semi-professional units.