Main goals

  • Having fun while working on the project
  • Using low-cost hardware resources
  • Having a versatile board that can easily be adapted to the various types of self-built CNCs
  • Implementing basic adaptations to the logical levels and filtering the I/O signals
  • Providing direct connection to high-power servo controllers through various connectors
  • Providing good compatibility with the various already-existing servo controller boards of amateur CNCs that are still using MACH3 LPT-like ports
  • Embedding direct small stepper drivers like those normally used in 3D printers
  • Generating a square wave signal for the “charge-pump ENABLE” signal used by those driver boards (typically MACH3) that need it
  • Supporting dual-mode spindle speed control, both via PWM and via an analog signal for those spindles whose speed regulation is done by reference voltage (0-5V or 0-10V)
  • Providing wiring diagrams and documentation that can be accessible to other people who want to make new software/hardware variations on the board.

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