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Author: Bruno Grampa

Shop is open!

After weeks of hard work to design, test and improve our idea, we have started a (small) production batch. For this initial run, we have decided to bundle a complete kit that can be used to set up a new CNC machine, convert an old one, or can be used with a laser cutter.

In the ‘wonder’ box you will find:

  • ESP32 CNC BOARD V.1.1
  • I/O Expansion board
  • CNC Pendant V1.0
  • a bag of high-quality connectors
  • DB25 cable for the CNC Pendant

All the boards are assembled and tested, so in order to create your machine you will just need a CNC frame and your favorite stepper drivers (3x).

These are very versatile and reliable boards, suitable for every need. We hope you will appreciate them! To buy one just head to the “shop” section of our site.