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Month: March 2019

Test Motherboard + Expansion Card

Today we are testing the complete version of the project (motherboard + expansion card + stepper driver) on my toy CNC. As you can see from the photos, the steppers are directly controlled by the drivers mounted on the expansion card. It seems to work properly!

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How to meet your every need

"Motherboard only" version

This version consists of the motherboard only. Recommended if you are building your own CNC machine from scratch.

"Motherboard + Expansion Card" version

This version includes the motherboard and the expansion board. The latter is required if you want to use the additional I/O lines and the LPT-style connection. Recommended if you wish to convert an old CNC machine from Mach3-LPT style to ESP32-GRBL style.

"Embedded stepper drivers" version

In this case, the expansion board also mounts the stepper drivers, which must be duly cooled with a heat sink. Recommended if you want to build a desktop CNC machine.

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